Solar Panels

A variety of solar panel sizes and installation locations.

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Other Electrical Options

6 or 12 gang fuse block for 12v DC distribution.

4 Stage 45 amp battery charger to charge batteries when plugged into shore power.

Expion 360 EX-100C-27 100 a/h LIFEPO4 batteries with Expion DC – DC charger ,  system installed in the Van. With Expion 360 Battery Monitor , heavy duty battery disconnect and battery tie downs with heater blanket for batterie(s).

A variety of solar panel sizes and installation locations.

Command area for the interior components of the van.  Controls for lights, heater, solar panel, water pump and other items you may have in your custom conversion.

Custom built aluminum cross bars to be able to mount 100 watt solar panels to the roof.

120vac power on the outside of the van is not a problem with exterior 120vac outlet. Plug in anytime without even having to open your van up to get to the inside.

Shorepower inlet to be able to plug your van in to be able to charge your batteries with the battery charger and have 120vac on the inside of the van.

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