Land of the Lost

Land of the Lost

This van is Custom from top to bottom. Starting with the custom Redwood headliner on the top with the LED’s. 4 custom built windows installed in the sliding door and opposite the sliding door with T-Vented openings along with the two 10”X 36” half sliding windows in the rear ¼ panels of the van give ample venting in the van. The custom raised platform with storage below for whatever you need to bring along. Access hatches from the top let you get at the stuff you need without having to open the doors. On top of the platform Cork flooring was installed for when the time called for a little yoga. The Webasto heater was installed under the platform and vented up thru the flooring in the van to be able to heat the cabin. Customer was going to be installing hammocks from corner to corner to be able to sleep in the van. All of the electronics on the driver side wall with protected with the custom built box to house everything.
Anyone say CUSTOM??

Additional Features:

This custom van was built with the following features:

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