Hitch Sales and Installation

Having a properly sized hitch and having it installed properly is extremely important when you are towing anything. We can help you choose the right hitch for your needs and get it properly installed by our hitch installation experts. Van Specialties is your local hitch sales and installation experts, we carry a wide assortment of differently sized hitches ranging from a variety of manufacturers so no matter your towing needs we have a solution for you. If you have any questions please give us a call or swing by our shop and we would be happy to answer any of your hitch sales or hitch installation questions!

Please call us to find about more about how we can match a perfect system to your vehicle.

Hitch Sales and Options
Hitch Sales and Installation

We sell a large variety of hitch solutions for just about every towing need. If you need help identifying the properly sized hitch, please give us a call or swing by the showroom. Please check out our manufacturers websites for more information.


Goose Neck Hitches

Weight Distribution Systems

Weight distribution systems help keep you safe on the road when you are towing heavy loads. Many times if you are towing a extra heavy load you will notice your trailer begin to sway which can potentially make you lose control of your vehicle. Weight distribution systems help reduce the chance to sway when carrying heavy loads. If you are in need to a weight distribution system then please give us a call or swing by our shop and we would be happy to assist.

Brake Controllers

Do you have a vehicle without a brake controller? Braking controllers allow your vehicle to control the brake light systems on trailers which is essential for proper towing and safety. Whether you have a vehicle without a brake controller or are just looking for a new one we have you covered. We carry many types and manufacturers of brake controllers for whatever your situation or towing needs.


For more information regarding supplementary braking systems please click below.

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