Roll Over

Roll over convertible seating area.

Other Bed Systems Options

Extend the width of your van with sleeping pods. Be able to sleep side to side in the Sprinter by extending the overall width in the rear ¼ panels of the van.

Roll over convertible seating area.

Extension deck for extended sleeping area in rear. Extends available sleeping area when paired with sofa sleeper unit.

3 Passenger sofa sleeper with adjustable headrests and 3 lap belts. Installed on Quick Release brackets. Easily expand your sleeping area with an optional extension deck.

Solid Fixed Platform built from 1” steel tube frame powder koated with 3/8” plywood top covered with Interweave material.

Adjustable height fold up/down bunks. 1” steel tube frame powder koated with 3/8” plywood top covered with Interweave material. Reinforcement For Mac track needed behind the walls and Mac Track running vertical in the van from top to bottom of desired platform height.

Side facing seating with room for 4 people. Folds into a bed quick and easy. Length to be determined by conversion and/or length needed by customers for sleeping. Storage below dinettes if possible and not used by conversion components. No belts available for seating additional passengers.

A Van Specialties original design. Free spanning bed system that is quick release and removable. Multiple configurations possible. Reinforcement needed depending on the height desired in the van. Options on dropping the bed system to be able to rest on the wheel tub boxes for a second height if installed in the van.

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